We provide a variety of plumbing services in the Arlington area

We provide a variety of plumbing services in the Arlington area

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Signs that You Need a New Faucet

Some faucets may even be damaged beyond the possibility of repair. But how will you know when it is time to call us to plan your faucet replacement? Here are some common problems and symptoms to look for.

Corrosion and rust are the primary and worst enemies of a faucet. They can cause your faucet handles to stick or break and can even prevent water flow. Look for off color water, listen for squeaking handles, and feel for extra resistance when you turn the water on and off. If your unit seizes up so that the handles cannot be manipulated at all or the faucet has rusted through, it must be replaced completely. Corrosion in fixtures creates a water quality issue and can present a health hazard when rust makes its way into the water. Although we provide water quality solutions for homes, we cannot get a rusty faucet to supply clean water and recommend replacement for your family’s safety and health. You may also need to consider repiping if you notice a rusted faucet as the rest of your plumbing system may be experiencing the same problems.

Leaky faucets, faucets with broken valves, and faucets with busted handles are some other problems that may indicate you need a new faucet. Although most of these scenarios can be more easily addressed than rust, it may be prudent to replace an older unit if it has already been through several repairs.

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